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    设计师: 王赛

    “今天一三,明天一四;择爱成家,一生一世” 每个人心里都有自己想要的家的样子。

    "Today is one, three, tomorrow is one or four; Choose love to be a family, and be a lifetime." Everyone has the kind of home they want in their hearts.



    In my cognitive world, family space is necessarily an external projection of the inner spirit of the living person, which expresses the living person's emotional values and attitudes towards life.


    整个空间,在色彩运用下,被赋予沉静、自然、温馨等多种性格。 秉持“品于心,匠于行”的筑居理念,将东方文化与城市文脉融入设计,以现代精工匠艺打造了这一方归心之所,为追求品质的生活者打造了美好的生活场景。

    Throughout the use of color, the entire space is given a variety of personality such as quietness, nature, and warmth. Adhering to the dwelling concept of "quality in heart, craftsmanship in action", integrating eastern culture and urban context into the design, we have created this hometown with modern craftsmanship, and created a beautiful life scene for those who seek quality .


    在色彩的世界里,绚烂斑斓是一种美,素雅自然也是一种美。 以复古优雅的棕色为主基调,辅以琉璃黄、长城灰、玉脂白、青竹绿新中式风格的主打色系,将东方奢雅展现得淋漓尽致。

    In the world of color, gorgeous is a beauty, so elegant is also a beauty. The main tone is vintage brown, complemented by the new Chinese-style styles of glazed yellow, Great Wall gray, jade white, and green bamboo green, which show the oriental luxury elegantly.


    木色新中式沙发沉稳大气,月亮门隔断把客厅和阳台进行分割开,每个空间各有特色。 绿色让人心情平静、心旷神怡,唤起人们对健康生活和活力生命的无限向往。

    The wood-colored new Chinese-style sofa is calm and atmospheric, and the moon door partition separates the living room and balcony, each space has its own characteristics. Green makes people feel calm and happy, and awakens people's infinite yearning for healthy life and vitality. The unique green plant background on the background wall behind the sofa paints the breath of nature, making the space simple and not .


    沙发后背景墙面独特的绿植背景绘出大自然的气息,使空间简约而不单调,浸溢出一方清幽,让人卸下一身的疲惫,拂去尘嚣,追求属于自己的静谧之所。 让人从嘈杂和繁忙的外界脱离出来。

    Monotonous, immersed in the tranquility of a party, letting people unload their fatigue, sweep away the hustle and bustle, and pursue their own quiet place. Disengage people from the noisy and busy outside world.


    整个空间使用了水泥砖和木地板的结合,硅藻泥墙面和木质格栅顶的搭配,竹编和手工壁布的结合,通过材质的变换搭配......给人不同的视觉享受。 流通的空气和自然光线是一种调和的呼吸。空间色彩本身并没有显性的特定情感,随 着室外光线的光影变幻而变化。

    The entire space uses a combination of cement bricks and wooden flooring, the combination of diatom mud wall and wooden grille roof, the combination of bamboo weaving and handmade wall cloth, through the change of materials ... . The circulating air and natural light are a harmonious breath. The color of the space itself does not have a specific specific emotion, which changes with the change of outdoor light.

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